Addiction and Recovery

This is the Introduction to a series by Nunyah

Let's begin by suggesting that almost everyone is addicted to 'something', and that the intensity of the addiction is as unique for each person as the addiction itself. Addictions are many. Alcoholism, Drug addiction, Addiction to food, Shopping addiction, Gambling, the list goes on and on.

This series will view addiction as a learned, unhelpful behavior based on choices and decisions. This series will take the position that "I" am responsible for my thoughts, feeling and behaviors, including addictive behaviors. And that if "I" want to change the way "I"feel and the way "I" behave, "I" can start by changing the way that "I" feel.

This series will explore the notion that at the core of addictive behavior there are many unhelpful thoughts and beliefs about ones worth as a person. Through Self-Acceptance, one is encouraged to move towards thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that are positive and unconditional.

Like working out at the gym, results are never immediate. These changes will take patience, practice and persistence.

This series will help you to see yourself and your world differently as you embark on the road of recovery. This is an alternative to traditional 12-step programs like AA, NA, CA, GA or any other _A. This series will concentrate on 4 main objectives:

1) To have a balanced lifestyle

2) To cope with urges and cravings

3) To manage thoughts, feelings and behaviors

4) To maintain motivation for abstinence

I hope that you will enjoy the series and that your road to recovery is made just a bit more smooth with these tools.




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