Cardiovascular Diseases: Consequences Of Obesity

cardiovascular diseases are consequences of obesity

When you are overweight, you expose yourself to a lot of fatal  diseases. Time will come when you will you will not feel good about yourself anymore and realize that the reason for this is because of your weight, and that is true. It might sound harsh, but being obese can predispose you to a host of medical problems. That is the main reason why medical professionals have always found it to be important that you maintain your normal body weight. This is not saying that slim people never get sick, they also do, yet people who are obese have a greater risk for developing more serious diseases. Statistics show that those people who are obese have twice the chances of suffering from heart problems. Cardiovascular diseases in general are not caused by being obese. Yet, cardiovascular diseases all have the risk factor of obesity. It is not a joking matter. Your life could be put at stake if you are not careful.

Atherosclerosis is a kind of cardiovascular disease that can stem from obesity. Atherosclerosis is the condition wherein the blood vessels of the body become hardened due to the loss of elasticity and the narrowing of the lumen, or the opening of the vessels. This is mainly due to the accumulation of fat plaques and patches within the walls of the blood vessel which if truth be told would not have arisen in the first place if one did not abuse the body by overeating foods that are terribly unhealthy. In this type of cardiovascular disease, the blood flow is compromised.

Aside from this, obesity also increases your risk for developing hypertension. Hypertension is the condition when the blood pressure levels are above the normal limits. A hypertension is diagnosed if one’s diastolic blood pressure reading is above 90 mmHg and systolic blood pressure is greater than 140 mmHg even at rest. It is also when the mean arterial pressure of a person is greater than 110 mmHg.

These two are just some of the dangerous and health threatening cardiovascular diseases that you could acquire from being obese. If these two are addressed before they get out of hand, you might be able to live for more years. Yet, when it gets out of control, you could be in danger for a heart attack or a stroke. Being obese presents such a problem not only to people but also to some countries as well. Because of the increasing number of people who are obese, the numbers the mortality and morbidity rates also increase. It is always best to address these issues while still in the early stages. The number one and number two on the list of conditions that affect people are stroke and cardiovascular diseases. With such numbers constantly increasing, experts advise people to stay healthy and fit.

One of the things you can do to help prevent obesity is to become active in your life. This means becoming physically active and not sitting on the couch in front of the television the whole day. You need to change your lifestyle in general if you don’t want to get sick. Try to fit in exercising and going to the gym in your schedule and learn to eat healthy. By doing these things, you lessen your risk for developing some deadly diseases.


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