Diet and Food Prescriptions to Cure Hepatitis

Hepatitis and its clinical manifestation, jaundice, can be managed efficiently; and permanently cured by specific healing foods.

What Causes Hepatitis?

Hepatitis is a medical condition, wherein, the liver tissue gets inflamed. The condition may develop due to a host of reasons. The liver cells demonstrate swelling, inflammation and congestion.

Common causes of Hepatitis:

  • Viral infection (resulting in hepatitis A, B, C, D or E)
  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • As a side-effect to certain prescription drugs
  • Liver toxicity (heavy metals, chemical toxins, fungal infection)
  • Auto-immune factors also cause hepatitis, wherein, the immune mechanism assaults the liver cells, resulting in swelling.
  • Gall bladder disease

Foods that Treat Hepatitis Effectively and Tone up the Liver

A diet loaded with all the essential nutrients promises to manage hepatitis successfully. The following 3 foods, if included in generous amounts, in the daily diet, helps treat the condition completely.

Artichoke for Hepatitis

Artichoke has a history of treating more than a few liver ailments. The components caffeoylquinic acids are present in a high concentration in the leaves of the vegetable. Caffeoylquinic acids reveal noteworthy liver regenerating and liver protecting properties.

They also demonstrate choleretic effects, i.e. they promote bile flow, to and from the liver. Caffeoylquinic acids provide a decongesting effect and help manage hepatitis effectively.

Beet Root is a Liver Tonic

The beet root has powerful medicinal properties. The root promotes liver detoxification processes. The red pigment, betacyanin present in the root provides wonderful health benefits, assists the liver in cleansing and detoxification and eliminates heavy metals, toxic wastes, and built up debris efficiently, accordingly helping the liver in rapid healing.

Dandelion Root to Boost Liver Functioning

Dandelion root is an excellent liver remedy. The dandelion root provides a liberal dosage of pectin, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and thiamine. Furthermore, taraxacin, is the powerful principle present in the root that proffers the extraordinary health benefits. Taraxacin has a powerful toning effect on the liver. It perks up bile flow, decreases liver inflammation and congestion, prevents inflammation of the bile duct and treats jaundice. Taraxacin boosts the functional ability of the liver and aids the liver in sluicing out toxins. It enhances the health of the entire GI tract and hastens recuperation from hepatitis.

Experts say, the most appropriate dietary measures, eating a wholesome diet, increasing the consumption of liver friendly foods, cutting down on foods that burden the liver and taking optimum precaution and care; speed up the process of healing, tone up the liver, improve its functioning and put off relapses and chronicity.

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