Facts About Round Worms

Worms are intestinal parasites found all over the world but most prevalent in tropical and sub tropical areas.

Worms are intestinal parasites found all over the world but most prevalent in tropical and sub tropical areas. They gain access into the body through the mouth and the skin i.e. through consumption of food and liquids; and penetration through the skin of the feet. This parasite infects people mostly during the rainy season and could cause serious health problems.

The round worm is one of the numerous intestinal parasites that cause the disease known as ascariasis and found almost in all countries. These giant and long off-white coloured worms mostly dwell in children. These worms are being transmitted from one body to another through its eggs. The round worm lays eggs in the bowel and when the carrier excretes, the eggs are passed out together in the stool. If the stool is not properly disposed, the eggs mix with the soil and could remain alive for several months. When children play around the contaminated area, they end up picking the eggs with their finger tips and eventually put the finger in their mouth thus taking in the eggs. The eggs could also stick on farm products like vegetables and fruits, so it is consumed together unless properly cleansed and sterilized.

Once the eggs are consumed into the small bowel, it hatches and the young round worms burrow into the intestinal walls and from there migrate to the liver, heart and lungs. This migration causes bronchitis to the carriers. The young round worms after completing their migration, returns to the small intestine again where they will develop into mature round worms. Round worms causes vomiting, fever, nervousness, colicky pains, diarrhea, nausea and loss of weight etc. These adult round worms may now start their own migration through the intestinal walls causing severe peritonitis. They may also find their way into other sensitive areas causing appendicitis, gall bladder problems and liver disease. A large quantity of this worm inside ones bowels may cause a complete disorganization of the bowel’s system. When the round worms die in ones bowel, it also produces toxic reactions that lead to nervous problems, loss of appetite and the swelling of the face.

To control the spread of round worm, fruits and vegetables must be sterilized or cooked thoroughly before consumption. Stools must be disposed off properly to avoid contamination. Children should be kept in clean environments to avoid contact with round worm eggs contaminated with the soil. But in case of treatment, Piperazine citrate syrup has been proven to be effective. Adults’ dosage for this syrup is two teaspoon twice a day for one week, followed by one week without the medicine; after which the treatment is repeated until the round worms are eradicated. Children are treated with half of adults’ dosage. The Hexylresorcinol is another good tablet to fight the round worms. Just make sure you consult your doctor for a normal diagnosis of your bowel and other body disorders suspected to be caused by the round worm.


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