Fighting Fibromyalgia Flares During Season Changes

This article will teach the reader tips on how to enjoy the change of seasons when suffering from Fibromyalgia syndrome, and teaching the readers some different ways to cope with a flare during weather changes and during the change of the seasons, also how to cope emotionally with the affects of weather on the body.

If there is one thing that fibromyalgia sufferers hate, it has to be the change of the seasons. From cold dry air in the winter time, to moisture-laden air in the springtime, to the humidity of the summer and the unpredictable weather that always happens in the fall. As beautiful and welcomed that the seasonal changes can be to others, they can wreak havoc on our fibro-filled bodies. We all know how it can be with our bodies. Most of the time we can feel the change of weather in our bodies, when snow or rain is coming. We could be the world's best meteorologists. 

According to, there are five "major weather factors" that can affect our bodies. They are temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation and wind. We may not be able to control what the weather does, but we can take some steps to try and head off a Fibromyalgia flare before it occurs when it is time for a seasonal change. 

Keep Warm

This is especially important during the cold and dry winter months, especially if you live in a climate where it is cold most of the year. By wearing layers of clothing, you are able to control how warm or cold you are. Try two or three layers if you can handle that. If you begin to get too warm, you can just take off a layer. Always remember to wear a hat and gloves as well. By doing this, you can keep yourself warm, and the chill won't as easily get into your bones. 

Let there be light

During the colder months, days can be grey alot of the time, and that can get anyone's mood down. Couple that with being unable to go outside, and this can take a toll on your mental state as well. But all hope is not lost! There are a few things that you can do to perk up your mood! The first one is to try and let more light into your house. If you can afford it, there are special light-boxes that can be purchased specifically for this purpose. If not, just try to keep your curtains open longer during the day, and if you can, get someone to help you move a lamp from one room to another, so that there are a couple of them in one room, and then try to spend at least a couple of hours in that room each day. 

During the warm months

The summertime can bring sunny days and pretty flowers and relaxing days at the beach, but it can also bring with it extremely hot temperatures and humid muggy air, as well. If you own one, you might be tempted to turn on your air conditioner, but reccommends not to do this, especially if you are prone to Fibromyalgia flare-ups during the colder months. So if you can, try to resist that urge. 

DO try to find the beauty of the seasons

The change of seasaons can be a beautiful thing, but if you can't go outside to enjoy them, it can bring you down a little bit. So, take time to watch it happen, and if you have any hobbies that you like to do, try and incorporate it into your interests, like painting, drawing, photography, baking. The ideas are limited only to your imagination, so have fun with it!


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