Health Tip: Solve Your Problems in Seven Ways

Are you in a difficult situation right now and feel that the world is on your shoulders? Do you find yourself so embroiled with so many problems and your health suffers as a result? There is still hope. Read the following article and have a new perspectiv

You may be one among many people who think that they have reached the dead end on those occasions which appear to be without hope. This manifests as health problems that may be associated with stress - constant headaches or migraine, weakened immune system, malnutrition due to poor appetite, and even a rare kind of nose-bleeding.

But this is only one’s frame of mind as many problems do have creative solutions if you look at it closely, ponder it and take action towards resolving it.

There are actually only two kinds of problems that everyone faces. One kind are those problems that are beyond your control, and second, those that we can do something about. For those problems beyond one’s control, there are still solutions.

Consider the seven ways on how to solve your problems below.

1. Wait.

Many problems resolve by themselves by patiently waiting. Give reasonable time for your problem to be resolved before taking action that may prove to be costly.

2. Project.

Think about your situation after say, five years. Do you think you will still have the same problems after that period transpires? Chances are, you will be in a different situation and the problem may already have been resolved. Project ahead and live tomorrow to escape today.

3. Ignore and forget.

Don’t take your problem too seriously especially if worrying will get you nowhere. You can forget about it if you engage in other things.

You can do the following activities that make you move so you leave seriously thinking for a while.

Walk around, see places, have a new hobby, do some gardening, visit your relatives, have some exercise, clean your surroundings, make a gadget, paint your fence, tug your dog around, and many more activities that let you engage the other parts of your body aside from the brain.

4. Apply a point system, decision making process.

If you are really bent on solving your problem that require sound decision making, you can use a point system to generate alternatives and see which options are best. Just rate the advantages and the disadvantages of your action accordingly using a rating system from 1-10.

Rate the most important ones, say 10 as maximum and the least important ones with just 1. You can read more details about this decision making technique here.

5. Engage the help of others.

Why not ask others to help you out of your problem (especially when it entails money). There are many people who are more than willing to help out a friend or colleague in need of emotional or even economic support.

6. Think beyond the box.

Have you exhausted all the possible solutions to your problem? Think outside or beyond the box and who knows, you will discover a new approach that will lead you to a desired solution.

7. Pray.

When all else fails, it is best to pray. Pray without ceasing to a God who is merciful and abounding with grace. Why will a loving Father give you a snake if you ask for a fish (Matthew 7:10)?

Pray for solutions to your problems and the answer will just pop in your head. If not, something will happen that will help you resolve your problem. As long as it is God's will.

Cover of Prayer Works

That's how prayer works; unexpected situations arise to allow you to resolve your problems.

At this juncture pondering the insights given above, your problems should have gone away and enable you to do things that will help you gain back good health once again.


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