Herb Home Remedies to Relieve Cough Naturally : Ayurveda Herb Guide to Stop Cough

Ayurveda herbs as home remedy for finding relief from cough.

Coughing can be extremely irritating, embarrassing and sometimes depriving. Time and again, especially during seasonal transitions, you seem to be coughing owing to some sort of respiratory infection. And then you mostly find relief mainly by popping in throat soothers or cough syrups. But before starting with the cough syrups that are either cough suppressants or expectorants, I would suggest some easy and handy home remedies from natural herbs that are not only quite relieving but also liberated from the after effects or side effects of medicines or drugs.

Natural Herb & Home Remedies for relieving cough

• Ayurveda recommends turmeric as natural anti-infective and natural antibiotic. This herb is also a wonderful natural anti-allergic. In case of recurrent bouts of cough, you may take half a teaspoon of turmeric powder once or twice along with hot milk. You must always prefer raw turmeric for this purpose.

• You can prepare herb mixture easily as a home remedy. You need to take the dried herbs of ginger, black pepper and long pepper and ground all the herbs together in equal quantities. This powdered herb mixture is to be taken twice mixed with honey.

• There is another natural home remedy that can be easily prepared with the herb of holy basil. You can make a decoction with boiling the herb leaves of Holy Basil. Take it warm as such or with some honey mixed into it.

• Here is another herb home remedy that helps provide relief from cough and cold. You can make a decoction with natural herb leaves of holy basil to which moderate quantities of grounded herbs of ginger and black pepper are added. Sip this herb decoction warm and cover your throat for some time.

• Add a few drops of pounded natural herb of ginger to your daily tea.

• Leaves of the natural herb of Basil act as an expectorant and helps in removing phlegm. You can simply chew on a few and take in the juice.

• When there are recurrent spasms of cough, another natural herb of cardamom comes as a relief. Pound one or two cardamoms and take the powder mixed into honey. For even better results, add equal quantities of freshly ground pepper and dried ginger powder into the mixture. Approximately one - fourth of a spoon is to be taken two to three times either with warm water or mixed with honey.

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