Herbal Aides for Hepatitis

Herbal remedies and information about healing yourself from hepatitis.

As with any and all major ailments, the key to reviving your health, is in allowing the dis eased part of the self to die and let go, so that the healthy you, the WHOLE you, can be reborn and set free. It's no short order, especially for someone dealing with an inflamed and dying liver. There are thousands of pharmaceuticals, and indeed herbs that can aide in the process of healing hepatitis, but none of them can do the job for you. In order to be cured of cirrhosis, you must be willing to surrender yourself and let your dis eases go. It's a complex matter, more so only because the heart and fear make it hard. However, once you stand on the other side of the precipice, it will bake your noodle as to how you ever managed to be that way before.

In order to cure yourself of hepatitis, first you must prepare yourself mentally and spiritually, before any physical work can truly take place. Hepatitis, is the manifestation of extreme imbalance in the body, and unless you can combat it with your WHOLE self, you will never defeat it. Namely, because you will be fighting yourself, and that is a battle no one can win.

To ready yourself mentally, first you must accept that you have healing abilities that are stronger and more able than any skills a doctor or healer can provide. Then you must accept that there are some things in this life that will always remain somewhat unexplainable, but that does not mean that they do not exist. You can use an ability, or a tool, without knowing exactly how it works. Think of it like driving a vehicle. Do you understand every single tiny little detail about how the vehicle works? (Most people would say "no")

Healing yourself works much in the same way. The trick is to remembering that we do not have to understand something to know that it works and know how to use it. You only need to know that you can heal yourself, and that it is available to you the moment you accept that fact. The hardest part, will be fighting your ego, which will continue to tell how stupid, silly, crazy or weird that whole idea is. Keep in mind (pun intended), that your ego is not you. It is only one part of you, and it is not the decider.

To ready yourself spiritually, you must let the old you die. Now, this may seem like a scary thought at first, but remember, where there is death, there is life. There is a part of you now, that is creating all this imbalance of negative energy that is focused in your liver. Whether you contracted the dis ease through a tick or through heavy drinking, it matters not. What matters is that you choose this path. That statement seem unfair, and it may not seem right. How could a person knowingly choose such a painful path?

The truth is that you did not knowingly choose it, but that doesn't mean you didn't choose it. It wasn't the hepatitis that you chose, it was death that you chose. Whether it was through a childhood trauma deeply buried, through an emotional hurt in your youth, or as perceived heart break as an adult. By choosing to hold onto those memories in the past, by choosing to hold onto the sadness, the regret, the pain... That is what brought this on. It's not a matter of karma, it is a matter of choosing to be happy or choosing to be unhappy. Many things will come and go in our lives. Happy times, sad times, mad times, boring times, exciting times. These things are ever changing, and the knee jerk reaction to many situations cannot be helped. But the choice to stay in those negative emotions, to dwell on the past, or to focus only on what you don't have, brings many things that are worse then death. Including a life of pain and dis ease that makes you wish you were dead.

In order to heal your liver and your body from vital organ failure, you must let the part of you that dwells in the past (for whatever reason), die. You must let it go. All the things that have happened in your life, the sadness you feel comfort in, all the 'bad luck', any hurts you've kept. You must let them ALL go. You do not need these things, and if you keep them, no herb, medicine or procedure will help you. You must ask yourself what is more important. Letting the negative unbalanced part of you die? Or letting your body and spirit die? It is okay to be afraid of either option. The trick is to not fight that fear, but to not let that fear hold you back. Let the old you, the past and everything in it, leave you now, and you will be spiritually ready.

Once your mind and spirit are ready, it is time to prepare yourself physically. You cannot heal the spirit or mind by healing the body, but when you heal the spirit and mind, the body follows. Your body is a manifestation of your spiritual and mental self, and so it will always show how you truly feel deep down inside.

This means that in order to heal the body, you cannot simply just take some herbs or pills and hope for a magickal cure. They will not work on their own. They must be accompanied by the will to heal and the mind frame to make it happen. This requires a large lifestyle change in the physical world. You will need to make sure you are not drowning your liver in alcohol. See to it that you are not doing any drugs, especially ones that involve sharing needles. You'll have to change your views of food, as food is not for our pleasure. It is our source of fuel, our source of life. It doesn't have to taste good, it doesn't have to be super special, it simply has to be fresh and healthy. It needs to contain the nutrients, minerals, proteins and vitamins that your body requires.

Your liver a vital organ and it is directly linked to your digestive system and your blood. Without your liver, no other organs can survive and if the hepatitis doesn't get you, the blood poisoning will. This is why it is very essential that you make sure the fuel you feed your body is organic, free from toxins, chemicals and unnecessary matter. You will want to focus on providing your liver with the essentials that it needs to rebuild and heal. Green leafy vegetables, omega 3's, vitamin E and vitamin C will help you get there. Make sure they are in your diet and that you are also getting a sufficient amount of Iron and Protein, though you will want to keep them in balance, as to much can make things worse.

You will also want to make sure you are getting a good amount of exercise everyday. It doesn't need to be over done. Even something as simple as going for an hours walk around the neighborhood can help you in great measures. Physical exercise helps the liver to get sufficient blood flow so that it can detoxify your system along with your kidneys, and so that it can regrow the new cells it needs. The better your exercise regime, the better your organs are, and the faster they can heal.

Along with your healthy diet and moderate exercise plan, you can start to add these herbs to help assist in the healing process.

Dandelions - From the greens to the roots, dandelions have forever been a powerful herb. Often forgotten by most modern folks, the dandelion possess a great anti-inflammatory and detoxifying element. It will help to reduce the inflammation in your liver and lower some of the pain, while also helping to detoxify your system. You can eat dandelions in a salad, or drink them in a tea.

Liquorice Root - Mostly used by easterns, this herb has been known to help cure hepatitis B, and to aide in the healing processes of hep C.

Milk Thistle - This herb has been marked as a liver healing herb for a very long time. It will help bring protection, new cell production and plenty of anti-oxidants to your liver. It will also help you gain much of your appetite back, to help you get the rest of what you need. This herb is so powerful, it has even been known to save those whom have eaten deadly mushrooms.

Reishi Mushrooms - This is a very powerful herb, so I must advise you to do lots of research on it and to find an herbalist who can help guide you in using it. The Reishi mushroom holds antiviral, anti-oxidant, cell growth, circulation help and immune system boosters (to name a few things).

Ginseng - This common and powerful herb helps to build the immune system and give your bodies natural healing abilities a boost.

Garlic - With it's healing and protective powers, garlic is easy to add to your diet. The fresher the better, but powdered forms will help as well.

Blue Green Algae - This is exactly what it sounds like. It's what most people would refer to as "pond scum", and recently scientist have discovered it to have massive healing properties. More than I can list here without writing a whole nother article. Do be sensible about this one though, it's not a smart idea to go and scoop algae form just anywhere. There are companies that specifically harvest healthy organic blue green algae that you can add to your diet.

Kelp/Sea Weed - This herb can help cleanse the blood, promote healing and to increase your iodine intake. Iodine is an essential ingredient to your health and starts working by ensuring that the thyroid is getting proper nutrients to your liver and vice versa.

The most important thing to remember, is to research these herbs on your own. I can hand you a list of one hundred herbs that can aide you in healing yourself of hepatitis, but it is up to you to learn how to properly use them.

NOTE: It is in my herbalist opinion that when you have any major organ disease, it is not in your best interest to take pharmaceuticals. You may choose to do so anyway on a doctors orders, but know that most pharmaceuticals come with untold side effects that often make your liver and your life much worse. On top of this, most pharmaceuticals do not mix well with herbal remedies, so make sure to do your research.


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