How Safe Is Tylenol for People Suffering With Liver Problem

Tylenol is an efficacious drug which is used to relive allergies symptoms, reduce fever and relieve pain

Tylenol is an efficacious drug which is used to relive allergies symptoms, reduce fever and relieve pain. In addition, it is also effective in flu, cough and cold. However, there are evidences that if acetaminophen is given alone to children, it is not as effective as it is for adults. It does not work as antipyretic in children. The combination of acetaminophen with other drug like aspirin is more effective in comparison to other drugs. This is a fact that acetaminophen is not as effective as it is with other drugs.

Its active ingredients are marketed as an antipyretic and analgesic in North America. Its ingredient is also called as Paracetamol in some countries. Its brand name is owned by one of the subsidiaries - McNeil pharmaceutical company dealing in consumer healthcare products - of Johnson & Johnson. McNeil Consumer Healthcare was established by Robert McNeil when he was only 23 years old. He completed his education from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

The main purpose of the company is to deal in prescription drugs. The company had big plans and mission to market maximum products which resulted in merging with the Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation in 1993. This merging gave a new name and direction to the company and it got famous as Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical. On other hand, most of the cases of liver failure are caused by acetaminophen and in the United States of America; this is one of the most single causes of acute liver failure which has been increasing at high rate. According to different data collected more than 40% cases are the results of acetaminophen.

The data also indicates that causes of acute liver failure are the results of other material combined with the drug. For example even small amount of alcohol with acetaminophen causes irreversible liver failure, which is easily controlled, but ignored by the sufferers. Over dosing is another cause of concern even though, recommended doses are prescribed by the physicians in the United States of America.

People who have been associated with kidney failure and other problems due to acetaminophen include people with kidney damage, person with pre-existing liver problem, elderly men and heavy drinkers addicted to more than three drinks daily.

In 2006, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a complete study about the causes, suggests that there are evidence of problems in healthy people consuming pain killer according to the prescription. In addition, the study obviously cleared the doubts of people who think that overdosing does not cause any problem in healthy people. If overdose of Tylenol is taken for more than two weeks, it may cause negative effects on liver tests. Dr. Neil Kaplowitz said “I would urge the public not to exceed four grams a day. This is a drug that has a rather narrow safety window”. He has been the co-author of the study and very active in Tylenol research and its effects.



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