How to Manage Celiac Disease with Gluten Free Diet

People with celiac disease always have a feeling that it is tough to handle difficult situations with gluten free diet. Reading this article further will help to understand how to feel normal on a gluten free diet.

While handling celiac disease and its symptoms and following gluten free diet, it is considered normal if you feel uncomfortable going out with friends and family. Understand what is gluten and how it can affect any life. Feeling low or demotivated while managing any disease or illness is common among people. People with celiac disease always have a feeling that it is tough to handle situations with gluten free diet. Reading this article will help to understand how to feel normal and enjoy your life while following a gluten free diet. 

Celiac disease and glutenfree diet:

Gluten is normally known as the combination of proteins such as gliadin, secalin, hordein and glutenin in grass family grains like wheat, rye and barley. People with gluten intolerance develop a life long inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract. This inflammation affects the small intestine and develops symptoms like pale, loose stool, fatigue, lassitude and anaemia in adults and failure to thrive, vomiting, diarrhea in children. Specialists recommend gluten free diet to control these symptoms.

What food to avoid while following gluten free diet:

When people are advised to follow gluten free diet they should avoid gluten containing food such as cereals made of wheat,rye,barley and oats. Though there is no scientific back up to confirm whether gluten content is present in oats, it is better to avoid oats consumption too. You also need to check whether gluten is used indirectly in few products like ice creams, ketch up or in sauces. Few manufacturers use gluten products as stabilizing agents. Other indirect gluten usage could be in form of proteins from vegetables, modified food starch from wheat, glucose syrup and flavoring products made of malt.

What to eat while following gluten free diet:

Maltodextrin is a product commonly used as a food additive. This product was considered to have gluten, but now being used as gluten free. However, check with your physician whether it is fine to add this food additive containing products in your meal. Other starch forms and grains like rice, corn, potatoes, tapioca are agreeable for a gluten free diet. Sweet potato, jowar, taro, chia seed and arrowroot are also considered as gluten free food. Gram flour from chickpeas can be used in your diet if you are advised to follow gluten free diet.

What is glutenated depression:

Like any other disease, people with celiac disease undergo mental trauma due to their dependency on gluten free diet. It is hard for them to accept the fact that they need to follow gluten free diet during their entire lifetime. Anxiety, stress, feeling tired, insomnia and vague aches, pains are few commonly known symptoms occur along with a depressive feelings.

There are restaurants and food at doorstep programs available for people with celiac diseases if they want to eat out while hanging along with family and friends. One can also order customized and tasty gluten free food from these places and eat when their friends are enjoying either Chinese noodles or a pizza or a pasta. By understanding about the disease and learning to handle the situation to their benefit, one can easily come out of the depression and enjoy their life.



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