How to Prevent and Treat Urinary Tract Infection in Young Children

Girls of all ages have it rough when it comes to urinary problems, this is because of how we are built, unfortunately.  Making small changes in our lifestyles can help in the prevention of re-occurring urinary tract infections.

First off, during the day, it is a good idea to increase your fluid intake.  Many times we don't drink enough and this can help bacteria to form in the bladder.  We want to make sure we flush our bladders out as much as we can during the day, this helps keep the bacteria level down.

Make sure you create variety in your fluid intake, juices heavy in vitamin C are the best policy.  Cranberry juice is one of the best juices to add to your diet especially if you are prone to getting urinary tract infections.  There are many varieties on the market.  Ocean Spray the leading cranberry juice manufacturer has a lot of flavors to choose from.

Help your daughter try and increase the amount of times she uses the restroom every day.  A good way of doing so is first having her go to the restroom before leaving your home.  Have her go in and at least try to go.

Now, another cause of an increase in infection could be from the direction of wiping, if you are wiping back to front, this will cause bacteria to enter the urinary tract and cause infections.  Instead, wipe front to back.

I know like most girls we all love a good bubble bath, but, unfortunately, this will also cause urinary problems.  Sometimes there are bacteria in the bath tub that can cause a urniary problem.  There are also chemicals in most bath bubbles that can also cause problems, so avoid the bubbles if you can.

Prolonged soaking will also increase the chances of getting a Urinary tract infection, so if you like to soak for a long time or if your little girl does too, shorten the time spent in the tub.

Start giving your little one showers instead of baths.  It is easier to give a bath to the kids, but, when it comes to a girls urniary health, it can be one of the easiest ways.  Sure it might be hard to get her used to taking a shower, but, if you explain it to her, there shouldn't be an issue.

Help your child stay active in helping keep her body healthy.  It will benefit her in the long run.

Now, if your child is a boy, then there are other measures that also need to be taken, first if your child has not been circumsized then make sure he is taught how to clean the foreskin of his penis properly.  The foreskin will actually capture bacteria, the bacteria can build up and then enter the urinary tract.  For little boys, this can actually cause serious enough health issues to place them in the hospital.  Boys should also avoid bubble baths to help reduce the chance of infection.

Finally, by following similar steps as a girl, such as increasing vitamin C intake, going to the restroom more frequently, your child will have better urinary health.

For more information about urinarty health and information on other health concerns there is a great website that you can check out, it is


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