Indigo Children

More and more children today seem to be walking around with labels, not all of them good. In the years that I have practiced Child Psychotherapy, I have seen a growing number of children with Diagnosis’ of ADHD and most recently, Bi-Polar Disorder. The following is not to say that these diagnosis’ are not real or even legitimate, the following is simply a musing on whether in all cases these mental health labels we are quickly giving children are accurate, or if maybe, just maybe there is something else to consider.

In the early 80’s and author by the name of Nancy Ann Tappe wrote a book entitled Understanding Your Life Through Color. Today many feel it was the beginning of a “new” phenomenon. Tappe talked about having the ability to see the Auras around people. Aura’s are said to be the light energy that is around every person. Different colors of these aura’s indicated personality traits as well as Spiritual Development. She noted that she had noted more and more people during and since the 60’s had a Blue/Violet or Indigo appearance to their aura’s. This color is connected some say to a global change in the pattern of behavior.

While the idea of the emergence of so-called, Indigo Children has drawn criticism from the psychological community but some believe many of the diagnoses like ADHD, ADD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Autism are mislabeled Indigo children. These children according some tend to be visual learners, are prone to depression and sleep issues, they remember best what is created with their hands and can be pictured in their mind. Movement is needed to keep them focused. According to some the writings about these children and various web sites these children come to the planet with a sense of entitlement, they often tell their parents exactly who they are, they have great difficulty with authority and activities that require them to wait are nearly impossible for them. This group of children tend to appear anti-social unless with others who are similar. And many possess unique gifts in art, music and “psychic abilities.”

Is it possible that these children who push out buttons, test our patience and in the same breath awe with their insight, clarity and ability to know so much about the world around us be gifted guides? I have long since looked at children and seen them, in many ways, as OUR teachers, but the idea that in fact really could be functioning on a higher Spiritual level and are simply frustrated with the world we have created for them, also makes some sense. Does it mean we don’t give our kids medications? No, I am not saying that, that is for each individual family to decide, consult with the doctors. And even if one does utilize medication, if it works, it is simply helping one very overwhelmed child cope until they are ready to deal with whatever comes their way.

Do you have, or do you know an Indigo?


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