Natural Remedies for Hypothyroidism

Natural Remedies For Hypothyroidism


Every organ in our body has a function, even the fat and cholesterol. And, less and excess of any body element, or the working of any organ is bad, or can prove fatal for the body.

For example, if we run or exercise, our heart beats faster to a certain extent; but if we overdo the exercise, it can prove fatal resulting in collapse. Interestingly, not exercising also will damage the body. It makes the person idle, builds up fat, and causes stress. Like exercise affects our heart, similarly foods like sugar can affect the pancreas and kidney.

Drugs or medications perform different functions in our body. For example, it puts certain "chemicals" in the body, which removes the toxins from our body, or clears the blockage in arteries etc. Medicines also either speed up, or slow down the working of the human body organs.

As aforementioned, sometimes a body organ tends to act slowly to keep up with the metabolism. This can have mild or serious impact, physical as well as mental. For example, the thyroid gland produces certain vital hormones, that are essential to keep up our metabolism. An improper balance of these natural hormones in the body can have dire consequences.

Hypothyroidism affects the body is many different ways, from constipation, fatigue, weight gain, bradycardia (low heart rate), infertility, depression, brittleness in fingers, galactorrhea and gyperprolactinemia and elevated serum cholesterol, to name only a few. All these problems turn up for a single cause, "hyperthyroidism". Hypothyroidism undoubtedly remains untreated often, and results into more damaging conditions like Goiter. Fortunately, there are many natural remedies hypothyroidism that can prevent this condition.

Drugs and medications are available for a lot of diseases, including hypothyroidism, but they have their own side effects.


Below are some natural supplements mentioned, that would surely improve thyroid functioning. Additionally, multivitamin supplement may also be required to ensure that the body is not deficient in any vitamin.

Iodine - Iodine is naturally found mostly in sea foods and fishes, like kelp (a seaweed) and oysters. Also seaweed called bladderwrack is a very rich source of iodine, useful in hypothyroidism as well as in goiter. Bladderwrack contains many other essential minerals to boost the thyroid gland.

Selenium - Selenium deficiency often causes hypothyroidism. Brazil nuts are a rich source of Selenium.

Tyrosine - Tyrosine (amino acid) is needed to convert iodine to thyroid hormones. Tyrosine is found in protein containing foods, like soy, dairy products, oats, wheat, meats and fish.

Coconut Oil - Coconut oil also benefits the thyroid gland.


Our body can be in good working condition, only if we understand what our body says to us. By knowing the symptoms of hypothyroidism, we can very efficiently treat it with the above mentioned natural remedies for hypothyroidism, without any side effects.



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