Quality Sleep Can Reduce Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia sufferers often suffer from mental and physical symptoms that could be decreased by getting a quality sleep. This article gives the fibromyalgia sufferer tips for getting a quality sleep that will help decrease their symptoms.

The most important thing you can do if you have Fibromyalgia, besides exercise, is getting a quality sleep. Quality sleep is difficult to get when you have the mental and physical symptoms of Fibromyalgia. People with Fibromyalgia often have interrupted sleep and cannot get to the deep stage of sleep.

People with Fibromyalgia often wake up feeling groggy in the morning and continue to feel that way all day. They often take naps during the day because they are so tired from lack of quality sleep. Napping during the day can cause decreased quality of sleep that same night.  "Fibrofog" is also a problem that's worse if you are not getting quality sleep.

There are many things a person with Fibromyalgia can do to get a quality sleep, including:

Same bedtime:

Go to bed the same time every night and wake up the same time every morning. This can change your body's rhythm so your body gets used to going to bed at the same time every night. You will eventually feel yourself getting more tired the closer you get to your bedtime.

Bedroom use:

Use your bed only to sleep, rest and for intimacy. Do not use your bed room for watching T.V. or reading. You want to mentally stimulate your brain for sleep when in bed.

Alarm clock:

Turn your alarm clock away from you when you get in bed at night to sleep. This allows you to avoid looking at it every few minutes, therefore keeping you from getting a quality sleep.

Eating before bed:

Avoid eating a large meal before bed. This may cause an uncomfortable bloating or heartburn that may keep you awake. On the other hand, make sure you don't go to bed hungry. Your stomach will let you know that it's hungry, which will also keep you awake.

Alcohol use:

Avoid alcoholic beverages or anything with caffeine in it a few hours before bedtime. Caffeine is a stimulate and will keep you awake. Cigarettes are also stimulates that should be avoided before bedtime.


Some people may benefit from total quiet for sleep, while others may benefit from soothing sounds such as light music, fans, or sounds of rain, streams or white noise. CD's are available  online that create soothing sounds to promote sleep. Earplugs may also help those who like quiet for sleep.


While alcohol may initialy put you to sleep, it can cause you to awaken many times a night. This is not quality sleep. Alcohol should be avoided before bedtime.


Make sure you have a quality mattress that provides good support. You can also use pillows to support your neck and spine and keep them in alignment while sleeping. There are many new support mattresses and pillows on the market that offer different levels of support for you body.


While exercise may be one of the most important things you can do to decrease your Fibromyalgia symptoms, you should avoid exercising right before bedtime. Exercise increases your heart rate and stimulates your body, which can interfere with sleep.

Fibromyalgia causes many mental and physical symptoms that can be decreased by getting a quality sleep.  A quality sleep is one of the best things you can do if you suffer from mental and physical symptoms of Fibromyalgia.


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