Red Grapes Health Benefits: Food to Protect the Heart

Powerful anti-oxidants in grapes help maintain normal blood pressure levels, prevent oxidation of cholesterol and check heart diseases.Grape is an important food that helps protect the heart

Red Grapes for Healthy HeartHealth Benefits of Grapes

Researchers say that grapes help lower blood pressure notably, diminish cholesterol levels and prevent the occurrence of angina and heart attacks. Experts at the Madrid University, Spain, have found , that the anti-oxidants and fiber, present in the skin of the grapes and their seeds are remarkably effective in fighting off cardio-vascular disorders.

A clinical study was performed, in which, a grape-supplement was given to patients suffering from elevated blood pressure. After the treatment regimen, the volunteers demonstrated significantly lowered levels of blood pressure and improved lipid and cholesterol profiles.Grapes are loaded with dietary fiber, and consuming them, helps enhance the daily intake of fiber to the advised daily consumption of 30 grams.

The lead researcher Jara Perez Jimenez, says, the favorable effects of grapes is a lot higher than other fiber-rich foods like oats bran, or psyllium. This is due to the exceptional combination of fiber and anti-oxidants in the fruit.

Wonderful Health Benefits of Grapes: Controls Heart Disease

  1. Grapes are chockfull of flavanoids. Flavanoids are potent anti-oxidants and can turn around and undo the lethal effect of atherosclerosis (plaque formation and consequent narrowing of the arteries). Flavanoids check clumping of the platelets together, and thus, prevent the formation of potentially dangerous blood clots.
  2. Grapes fight environmental stressors effectively. They rev up the immune and defense mechanisms of the body. Resveratrol present in grapes enhances the body’s immunity and helps one cope with stress successfully. this compound has also been touted as a potential anti-aging element.
  3. Grape seed extracts have been used extensively in the management of varicose veins and host of other cardiovascular ailments.

Foods to Protect the Heart

In addition to red grapes there are host of other foods that are beneficial in improving cardiovascular health.

  1. Honey :Honey contains amazing properties that help prevent all kinds of cardiovascular disorders. It works as an fantastic heart tonic, toning up the muscles of the heart and augmenting blood circulation.
  2. Onion :Onion is an excellent home remedy to sustain normal levels of blood pressure and cholesterol. Consuming the juice of one onion every day, promises immense health benefits. Onions lower blood pressure noticeably, checks plaque formation in the arteries, boosts blood circulation and protects the heart.
  3. Walnuts :Walnuts are loaded with essential omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids play a vital role in keeping the heart healthy. They enhance the functioning of the heart muscles, make them stronger and ward off cardiovascular disorders. Consuming 2 to 3 walnuts daily is advocated.


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