Reversing Atherosclerosis

how to reverse atherosclerosis

Reversing atherosclerosis is necessary if you want to live a long and fuller life. Atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries is a medical condition in which there is too much cholesterol, fat, and calcium building up in the walls of the arteries, causing the arterial walls to narrow and harden. Why this happens is because there is injury in the inner lining of the arterial walls, the endothelium, quite possibly from too much smoking or too much eating of fatty foods. Because of the injury, the cholesterol, fat, calcium, and other blood components cannot anymore pass through the walls of the arteries, so instead, they all gather together to form plaque.

As the plaque keeps on building up, the arterial walls continue to narrow and harden, resulting to a decreased blood flow to the heart as well as to the different parts of the body. Remember that the blood carries oxygen that is needed by the cells of the body to sustain life. With narrowed arterial walls, not enough blood and oxygen can be distributed throughout the body, putting you at greater risk for strokes or heart attacks.

If you are someone who happens to smoke 5 packs of cigarettes a day and who makes it a habit to buy take-out lunches at fast food restaurants, it would be wise to have your blood cholesterol levels monitored regularly. Increasing LDL numbers (greater than 100 mg/dL) should serve as a warning that plaque may already be forming in the walls of your arteries. The sooner you are diagnosed of atherosclerosis the better are your chances of having the condition reversed.

Yes, reversing atherosclerosis is not at all impossible when detected early, especially in this age of technological innovations and medical breakthroughs. Treatment options for atherosclerosis include surgical procedures and chemically formulated medications. There, too, are natural ways to reverse atherosclerosis.

To reverse atherosclerosis the natural way, there are only a few things you need to do:

1) Change your diet. Avoid processed foods as these are usually high in saturated fat and trans fat. It’s time to go organic in your food choices. Organically-grown vegetables are especially beneficial more so if you eat them raw. Whip up a fresh garden salad consisting of green and leafy vegetables and tomatoes, pineapple bites, onion rings, and crushed garlic, and zest it up with lemon juice. Olive oil makes a great salad dressing, too. Top your garden salad with chopped walnuts (walnuts are very heart-friendly since they are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids). For your protein needs, eat tuna or mackerel. You can still eat chicken, but remove the skin, and avoid eating it fried. See to it that you have lots of fiber in your diet.

2) Make sure to eat fruits in every meal. Fruits that are high in antioxidants, such as citrus fruits and pomegranate, help in a very big way to reverse atherosclerosis.

3) Exercise daily. Walk as much as you can, and as you do, have a few moments to take deep breaths and to make affirmations that life is good, life is beautiful. It always helps to think positively.

4) Laugh out loud. Laughing out loud relieves you of the stress you encounter everyday. Crack a joke or take time to listen to a good one – it’s very heart friendly.

Reversing atherosclerosis does not have to be invasive, risky, and expensive, as you can see.



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