Sex Addiction Symptoms and Question

Sex Addiction Symptoms: answering positively to three or more of the following questions can indicate an excuse for professional help.

There's nothing at all wrong with loving a healthful having sex life or a voracious sexual drive. But, psychologists identify that for a group of people the need to engage in and to think about making love becomes addictive, in some cases overshadowing all other areas of their lives. This is where making love addiction has to be considered. A real addiction to having sex, far from being psychologically healthful, is damaging and exhausting. It usually results in disastrous issues such as job loss, serious economic issues and the break-up of significant associations.

The main signs of having sex addiction can be discovered. Recognizing a couple of signs does not mean you're an addict, but answering positively to three or more of the following questions can indicate an excuse for professional help.

• Is having sex the very first thing you imagine of when you wake up, and final thing you think of at night time before falling asleep…and you are already thinking about the next time you can have a sexual encounter?

• Do you engage in a lot of fantasizing about making love, or getting involved in masturbation?

• Do your actual sexual encounters often fail to meet expectations?

• Whenever you're feeling low, is sexual intercourse the natural release you turn to, whether by masturbation or other means?

• Do you spend money on sexual purchases, memberships or activities when you're short of cash for other vital things?

• Have you ever used the web to view making love in the workplace or in someone else's home using their computer?

• When you've got having sex, do you enjoy being in control of other people?

• Do you keep secret a collection of porn or the fact that you log onto porno websites?

• Do you in some cases feel your sexual desires are in control of you?

• Are you currently feeling isolated or alone?

• Are there certain sexual thoughts you feel you shouldn't have, yet can't seem to stop?

• Do you visit establishments that are developed purely to offer sexual satisfaction or arousal, including strip clubs, lap dancing clubs and brothels, or do you pay for sexual intercourse in any other context?

• Do you feel guilty or ashamed if you're caught indulging in sexual behaviors?

• Does it in some cases feel you have two separate lives, your 'normal' life and your sexual one?

• Would you struggle to name all your past sexual activity partners?

• Do you in some cases struggle to find privacy to indulge in sexual activities without your family or partner finding out?

• Have you come close to losing a job or relationship due to sexual activities?

• Do you cover up or downplay the sexual behavior you're engaging in, when talking to your friends, family or partner?

• Have you ever masturbated at work or taken work time to indulge in any behavior related to your sexual life?

• Do you still accept sex from other people even when you're involved in a relationship?

Searching for Help

If you think you may have the beginnings of a sex addiction , do not wait to seek help; delaying could mean that it starts to control your living and have severe negative effects.

The first step is to pay a visit to your doctor; there is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about and the doctor can ascertain whether you'd benefit from counseling. Alternatively you could possibly prefer to seek immediate help from a psychotherapist who specializes in making love addiction.



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