The Natural Remedy for Bladder Infection

Yearly, millions of people, the majority women, will get a urinary tract infection somewhen in their adult life. For many women this can become chronic but amongst many other natural remedies, d mannose seems to offers a solution without the side effects of antibiotics.

Yearly, millions of people, mostly women suffer from urinary tract infections (UTI’s or colloquially known as bladder infections). Statistically, nearly 90% of these infections are caused by the naturally occurring bacteria E.Coli, which is normally considered as good bacteria when it remains in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This E.Coli is not related to the dangerous E.Coli virus that is life threatening. An infection occurs when E Coli leaves the GI tract and finds its way up the urethra and into the bladder, where it multiplies and spreads. Once the infection takes hold the following uncomfortable symptoms begin to show.


1. Frequent urge to urinate (including a painful or burning sensation)

2. Urine smells strong or unpleasant

3. Cloudy urine

4. Pressure or mild pain in the lower abdomen

Suffering from recurring urinary tract infections (UTI’s, Bladder Infections) is very unpleasant.  Doctor’s normally prescribe a dose of antibiotics for urinary tract infections that in turn radically affects the body in various ways. Antibiotics are a cure, but they equally kill all the good bacteria in the GI tract. This results in further symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, and/or constipation. In addition, friendly bacteria prevents the overgrowth of yeast, so when they are eradicated, a vaginal yeast infection occurs, that requires further antibiotic treatment. More importantly, repeated use of antibiotics, can lead to the mutation of bacteria that can creat an antibiotic-resistant strain. That’s why it’s important to consider natural alternatives as a way of treating mild bladder infections or as a prevention to prevent recurring bladder infections.

Natural remedies

Cranberry Juice or Cider Vinegar

Cranberry Juice is known to be a natural remedy for UTI’s because it is high in antioxidants and contains a natural occurring sugar called d-mannose, which is a highly efficient natural sugar that can be found in fruits like cranberries, blueberries, peaches, oranges and apples. You will have to drink a lot of cranberry juice for a couple of days for it to clear a mild bladder infection. Cider Vinegar is generally known as a good tonic to support a healthy immune system. As a means of preventing recurring bladder infection it is recommended to dillute one teaspoon of cider vingear in a full glass of water or juice, and drank regularly to clear a mild bladder infection.


D-mannose is a known natural sugar that is known to be as effect as antibiotics, without the side effects. It can be purchased as a supplement in powder or tablet form that can be found in health food shops. However, it is widely available online from various websites. It is important to choose a website that is certified and has good reviews. For the best results it is recommended to purchase D-mannose powder. The powder is dissolved in water or juice and even has a sweet taste. It is safe, does not interfere with blood sugar levels and can be used by pregnant women and children. The key to D-mannose is that it does not kill any good or bad bacteria, but acts as a magnet in the urinary tract that attracts any E-Coli bacteria, preventing any E Coli from attaching to the lining of the bladder and taking off any good bacteria that is attached to the lining already. The E-Coli bacteria cling onto the D-mannose molecules and are naturally flushed out with the normal urine flow.

For an ongoing infection, it is recommended to take one teaspoon, every few hours ranging from 2-3 hours, over 3 days. The curative effect should be noticed after 24 hours, but if symptoms increase or there is no significant change after 72 hours, you must consult a physician as this indicates that the infection is caused by a bacteria, other than, naturally occurring E.Coli in the GI tract. For preventative measures it is recommended to have one teaspoon a day. Another use is to take one teaspoon an hour before sexual intercourse and one thereafter to prevent so called honeymoon cystitis.

Although, d-mannose is not widely known amongst the medical community, and not approved as a medical treatment, there is extensive empirical research and evidence to certify its effective use and natural properties with no side effects. D-mannose, as much as keeping a healthy diet with drinks like cranberry juice, is really worth a try if you suffer from recurring bladder infection and do not want to resort to countless rounds of antibiotics. It has made a world of a difference to the well-being of many who suffer from uncomfortable urinary tract infections.


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