Heart Disease

According to a wellness consultant, there is no better than home-cook foo- fresh, clean and grease-free. According to a prima ballerina, banana and oatmeal and fish oil tablets every morning has been very good for your heart.

According to a wellness consultant, there's no better substitute than home-cook food- fresh, clean and grease-free.  According to a prima ballerina, banana and oatmeal and fish oil tablets every morning has been  to be very good for the heart.  Banana contains potassium and magnesium while fiber in oats  is good and fish oil tablet is good cholesterol need of the body.  Walking has been proven to be very good for the heart and the whole body.  When you walk, you also meditate and reflect that clears the mind says a Cosmetic Surgeon.          

Ballroom dancing lessons.  According to a medical doctor, ballroom dancing may seem to be all fun, but is therapeutic as well.  According to a cardiac rehabilitation specialist, ballroom dancing may be good for the heart.  A member of the Philippine Heart Association said he recommends ballroom dancing as an exercise for patients recovering from heart ailments.  As long as a patient can be up on his/her feet, he/she can already try ballroom dancing he added. 

Ballroom dancing, he explained enables the muscles in the lower extremities of the heart to contract and relax repeatedly for a certain period of time.  It also helps increase the heart rate  to a desired level.  It must be done for thirty minutes, at least three times a week. For those who cannot dance, especially the elders, he recommends regular walking.  Dancing can be a part of a healthy lifestyle that also involves avoiding smoking and alcohol and maintaining normal blood pressure and body weight.

Citrus benefits.  A study from the Australian government's key research group found that eating citrus fruits can reduce the risk of larynx mouth and stomach cancers up to fifty percent,  Furthermore the study revealed that one extra serving of fruits and vegetables- you could reduce the risk of stroke almost twenty percent.  Oranges lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity.  Research shows that oranges have the highest level of antioxidants- with more than one hundred seventy different phytochemicals including more than sixty flavonoids.



It shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and bloods clot-inhibiting properties.  Antioxidant is an organic substance which often work their magic by slowing or preventing the development of arterial blockages and may deter the collection of plaque on arterial walls.  


Heart healthy foods  

"US potatoes can help protect your heart from cardiovascular disease.  According to researchers US potatoes rank highest for the potassium content among the top twenty most frequently consumed raw vegetables and the top twenty most frequently consumed raw fruits.  One medium US potato according to them with the skin contains six hundred twenty mg of potassium.  That's eighteen percent of your daily requirement and more than what is found in a banana."  (Manila Bulletin 2009)


Studies  show that potassium is an electrolyte that's essential for the body's growth and maintenance and is necessary to keep a proper balance of water inside and outside of the body's cells.  Potassium is said to play an essential role in the response of nerves to stimulation and in the contraction of muscles, including the heart muscles says a medical doctor.  Reduce sodium intake and doing moderate exercise; taking adequate magnesium and calcium; putting a limit to alcohol intake; reducing weight and quitting smoking can help protect your heart from heart disease according to a medical doctor.



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