Vegan Low Blood Pressure: Natural Treatment for Hypertension

Vegan low blood pressure has been noted in many people who practice a vegan lifestyle. This reduction in blood pressure has many benefits. Although the blood pressure falls, it does not usually drop to an unhealthy level. For this reason, many people who suffer from hypertension find this feature of the vegan diet useful.

Vegan low blood pressure is a concern for some people because they are not expecting it. In this type of situation, persons who have changed their eating habits may worry that something is wrong with their body. However for others, it is a benefit of this lifestyle. Some people aim for a big drop in their blood pressure and that is why they switch to a vegan diet.

Vegan Low Blood Pressure: Affects People of All Backgrounds

This may happen whether they switched from an omnivorous diet that included meat or a vegetarian diet that included dairy products like cheese and milk and milk chocolate. Researchers have shown that blood pressure usually falls when people make this kind of change in what they eat. Nothing is wrong with a slight decrease in blood pressure, once persons are receiving the right amount of nutrients on a daily basis. This kind of diet also helps to prevent osteoporosis bone loss in later life because consuming less animal protein reduces calcium losses.

Vegan Low Blood Pressure: Extensive Research Done

Lots of studies have been done on this area. Doctors are always concerned about bringing blood pressure down by using methods that do not create other problems for their patients. Research has been done since the 1920s on the effect that removing meat from the diet has on blood pressure. Scientists have found that if a person changes to an omnivorous lifestyle after years spent as a vegan, their blood pressure will rise.

Vegan Low Blood Pressure: Natural Treatment for High Blood Pressure

People may sometimes switch from a diet with meat to a completely vegan diet for health reasons. Some persons make the switch because their doctors have advised them that they have high blood pressure. They use vegan meal plans to help them reduce their blood pressure so they are less dependent on medication.

Most drugs that are used for treating high blood pressure have side effects. Some side effects cause great concern to people with this condition. For that reason, they prefer to eliminate certain foods from their daily meals.

Vegan Low Blood Pressure: Low Fat Diet the Best

Although this drop in blood pressure may occur with a regular vegan diet, the greatest effect is noticed with a low fat diet. Several studies done at different points have shown that a low fat vegan diet can help someone who has high blood pressure get their blood pressure closer to normal. Many patients who go on a vegan diet have been able to stop taking medication completely after being seen by their doctor.


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