Vocal Cord Polyps

Vocal cord polyps may be present without a person realizing that they have them in their throat. When they become large enough, they start to cause a number of problems. One of the first signs that vocal cord polyps and nodules are present is a change in

Vocal cord polyps and nodules are sometimes found on both vocal cords. They are similar in some ways. People may first realize that these growths may be present when they become hoarse and the hoarseness doesn’t seem to be going away.

The hoarseness may last weeks. At this point, the individual usually goes to see a doctor and they receive a diagnosis. People in certain professions are more prone to developing this kind of condition. For example singers, teachers and other professionals who use their voice a lot are more likely to develop these bumps and blisters than the rest of the population.

What Causes Vocal Cord Polyps?

Vocal cord polyps are caused by misuse of the vocal cords. People who are constantly putting this part of their body under stress will eventually develop these growths. When the skin on the palms of the hands is subjected to constant abuse, calluses form. It is the same with nodules on the vocal cords. If the misuse of the vocal cords continues, the growths just get bigger. The nodules start off as soft spots on the vocal cords and end up as hard growths that look like calluses.

Vocal cord polyps are similar however they are not always due to misuse of the vocal cords. They look like blisters and are usually larger than nodules. Some of them grow on stalks on one or both vocal cords.

Signs of Vocal Cord Polyps and Nodules

People who have vocal cord polyps and nodules usually experience a change in the way that their voice sounds. They may gradually develop a hoarse throat that is not caused by viral or bacterial sources. They may also notice that they sound breathy when they speak.

Some persons with these growths on their vocal cords have a scratchy voice. Women who previously had a soft voice may find that their voice develops a rough quality. Some singers who were able to handle very low and very high notes with ease might have a decrease in their range.

Pain is one of the symptoms of vocal cord nodules and polyps. This pain may go form ear to ear. People may also feel pain in the neck. Some persons may actually feel like there are objects in their throat. The lumps that they feel do not go away even after they try to swallow.

Are Vocal Cord Polyps Cancerous?

Polyps are not cancerous. They are benign growths. Sometimes they are known as Reinke’s edema. They are also called polypoid degeneration. Vocal cord polyps and nodules are treated with surgery in some cases. They can also be treated with voice therapy. The method of treatment varies depending on the size of the lumps and blisters.


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